Zieleniec DiscGolfPark is a 10-hole permanent course located at the top of the mountain. Holes are varied and are between 50 and 150 meters. It is equipped in Innova DisCatcher Pro baskets and 1,5 x 2,5 m turf TeePads. Course is 10001 meters long with Par 32. It takes an hour or more to get through it. The lift is going up to the first tee.

The tournament course is slightly modified at the top (different tee location of the 1st hole, mando at hole #5 and #6, island at 10th hole) with 8 holes added at the other side of the road. 18 baskets will be DiscGolfPark targets. There is a signature hole #11 just after crossing the main street in Zieleniec. Astonishing view and a place You can set Your distance record if not executing the shot properly. Elevation and weather conditions can make You suffer or feel like in heaven.

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Holes description: / Opisy dołków

Hole #1
This is one of two holes from the permanent course where the pin position is changed. Get close with the first shot and start with a birdie.

Hole #2
Elevation down to right and more fun with the wind at this hole. Both forehand and backhand shots can make it – still You have to find a way to land safety not hitting the trees. Watch out for players at hole #3 and bad roll outs.
Hole #3
Throwing between two big trees in front of You seems to be the best option. The basket is not visible from the tee. Watch out for players at hole #2 if trying Simon’s line.
Hole #4
You will find a wall of trees in front of You. Just a small space between them and a basket exactly in the middle. Down to right elevation and wind. Find a way through the forest to the tee #5.
Hole #5
Mando. If Your shot goes on the right side of the marked tree, repeat the throw from previous lie with a penalty. Watch out for roll outs.
Hole #6
That’s Your best chance for a hole-in-one! Two big trees in front of You are a mandatory. If missed proceed to drop zone or throw from a previous lie (both with penalty).
Hole #7
You can see the basket from the tee but it is 142 meters away. Women and Juniors play from shorter tee. Throw a magic shot or stay on the fairway.
Hole #8
Piece of cake if You like forehand shots or use Your left hand. You should land under the basket which is not visible from the tee. You can expect wind changes.
Hole #9
OB behind the basket. Women and Juniors play from shorter tee. Down to right elevation and windy conditions.
Hole #10
This is the last hole of the permanent course. Pin position is changed for the event. If Your drive goes OB proceed to drop zone or repeat the throw (both with penalty). Normal OB rules apply since You get to the island. No penalties for hitting the building – it’s there for fun.
Hole #11
The disc will fly for a few seconds and till it lands (or even after) You will not be sure about Your final score. Please use a spotter! Water below is casual water. If Your disc is lost throw the next shot from the drop zone with penalty.
Hole #12
Basket is hidden behind the trees. Road and the marked area on Your right is OB. Water considered to be a casual water. Long downhill hole.
Hole #13
Women and Juniors play from shorter tee. Road is OB but the only chance to go OB at this hole is throwing disc to the small lake on Your left. Basket behind the trees.
Hole #14
Make sure that players at hole #15 have teed off. The hill goes up and down and from right to left. Basket is under the trees You see far away from the tee.
Hole #15
Women and Juniors play from shorter tee. Huge uphill shot from the tee. Trees in the middle hide a small lake wich is OB. Basket under the big trees.
Hole #16
Tee is hidden but after You enter the tree tunnel You will find it and see the basket. Basket is close to the mushroom building You could see from the other hill.
Hole #17
Women and Juniors play from shorter tee. You can see many holes from the front nine from the tee. Admire the views and set Your distance record.
Hole #18
Bottom of the wall stands for OB line on Your left. OB line is also behind the basket and on the right. Have fun!




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Relation from Zieleniec Poland Open 2015

Footage from Zieleniec Poland Open 2015

Video relation from last year tournament in TVP Katowice (11th minute)